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Quality Improvement

What is Quality?


As per the ISO 9000: Quality is the degree to which a commodity meets the requirements of the customer at the start of its life. In other word’s is it the degree of adherence to pre-existing standards which are measurable and quantifiable.


In simple terms Quality is about doing things the right way, first time, every-time.

Why do you need quality?


Customer satisfaction drives businesses. Quality is critical to ensure customer satisfaction and retaining customers. This ensures business viability since satisfied customers is the best marketing tool you can find and contributes to long term revenue.

How do we help you maintain quality?

We understand that each clinic, nursing home and hospital is unique with a unique set of circumstances. We have tailored solutions according to the clients need.

Our quality team works with you and provides necessary expertise to understand, quantify and work with you to improve the quality systems for better patient outcomes thus increasing patient satisfaction.


Delivery is done through technology assisted consulting and training modules as well as onsite handholding.


How we support in quality improvement leading to NABH certification

  1. Baseline assessment:

    • A baseline assessment of the hospital’s current status as per NABH measurable elements.

    • Gap Report – Contains specific findings and recommendations

  2. Action plan is developed enlisting priority areas:

    • Responsibilities, deliverables and time frames are assigned (e.g., infrastructure revision/ updation; documents/ policies revision, statutory requirements completion)

  3. Training:

    • General and specific trainings on documentation, indicators, hand hygiene etc.

    • Chapter wise trainings for departmental incharges & hospital nodal staff & doctors carrying out the processes.

  4. SOPs & Documentation:

    • Draft SOPs & policies & procedures for NABH Hope application

    • Monitoring the progress in meeting the standards, through online and onsite support

  5. Mock Audit:

    • “Mock Audit” before the actual onsite accreditation by NABH.

    • Final revisions and corrections will be advised based on the findings


What accreditations we help you with:

  • NABH Accreditation (Full NABH)

  • NABH Pre-Accreditation (Entry Level NABH)

  • NABH MIS (Radiology)

  • NABL for Labs

  • NABH Blood Banks and Blood Storage Units

  • NABH for Clinics

  • NABH for Dental Clinics

  • NABH for Eye Hospitals (Eye Care Organizations)

  • NABH for Ayush Hospitals

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