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Hospital Planning & Project Management

At Mediqop our team of Hospital Administrators, Planners and Architects work with hospital management team to make the dream of the ideal hospital a reality.

The Project Planning and Management Advisory includes but is not limited to:

  • Hospital Planning, Designing and Architectural Designing

    • This includes Conceptualization, master planning, design and infrastructural consulting

    • Consulting support in designing, layout and process flow plan of facilities and infrastructure​

  • Preparation of Tender/bidding documents and overall contract management​
  • Project management including project coordination, construction process management, project documentation, project impact management​

  • Construction Supervision and Quality Control monitoring and management​

  • All commissioning related consulting including:

    • Manpower planning; equipment planning and hospital information systems planning as per the scope of the hospital.​

    • Preparation of detailed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the hospital for all Departments & functional areas of the hospital including all process flows.​

    • Equipment requirement and planning as per scope of the hospital including specifications planning.

    • Machineries & equipment: Medical Equipment, Investigations machines, Medical and non-medical Instruments, Transport planning within and outside hospital, Furniture planning etc.​

    • Consulting for all the required licenses and statutory requirements as per the scope of services.
    • ​Support for procurement of medical and non-medical equipment and furniture which includes vendor management, invoice management.​

  • Maintenance and repairs of buildings and facility management.

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