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Knowledge & Change Management

Change is the constant in life and organizations alike.


In addition to infrastructure, change requires technical, process, and soft skills to ensure smooth transition to the new normal. Change management helps people cope with change.


Success of these changes will be more dependent on how individuals in the organization embrace the change than how well you draw organization charts or process dependent on how people accept and adapt to the change.


Change management focusses on how to help employees embrace, adopt and utilize a change in their day-to-day work.

COVID 19- Building Resilience through Strategic Change Management


In this period of a health crisis of immense proportion like the Covid 19 pandemic, countries and institutions are forced to do a rethink, applying their shared responsibilities and planning through global solidarity, thus ensuring that the actions towards economic recovery is built through resilience, risk minimization and creative use of all types of expertise. Businesses have to soon get back to action, as should schools and other economic and production activities.  While the shape and quality of the kind of work that was being done will undergo changes, the need to ensure that all bounce back to care for their families is imminent.

Returning to the new normal will definitely involve a new kind of reflection, thinking and adaptation. A new paradigm shift for Change management is already becoming a reality, while all communities struggle to prioritize and cope, and strive to recover at the earliest.


A global movement for recovery places the thrust on urgent action for the people most in need and especially the most marginalized be it accessing public health care systems, social security or economic sustenance and recovery, as developed and developing countries face reframed indices of equity and justice.


Many industries are likely to face new challenges of handling their debt crisis, with no clear sign of when and how the business in their sector will bounce back, be it airline sector or railways, metro or taxis, and how will governments across the world re-position their supply chain management in view of global lockdowns and slow recovery of countries to the impacts of the pandemic.


Change Management strategies require a framework of cooperation and collective solutions development including fast tracking the vaccine development and trigger new re-alignments between public and private sector, especially to enable mass scale production and transportation, as well as realizing how basic and core health care systems needs strengthening across the world.


Mediqop Public Health Vertical provides expert consulting for various sectors, be it private hospitals or healthcare industry, transporation or travel, hospitality or culture/art, education or infrastructure development, small and medium enterprises or home based industries at the cottage level. We are a team of epidemiologists, public health specialists, MBAs and Programme Management professionals who have several years of experience to provide critical and company wise/sector wise policy and implementation consulting and will walk through the operations through knowledge sharing, technology, proceses and network support and management through hand-holding to bring an effective Change Management profile to the client, keeping in line with the new Government/Health care compliance requirements.


We look forward to servicing your customized needs!

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